Day-10:Tabo-Kaza : 06-July : My cycling trip to Himalayas

Distance : 47 Kms
Undulating stretch with gradual climbs in between.Desert riding conditions.

I felt very tired and didn’t feel like waking up,but Kaza is calling me. So I got up ,refreshed and started to pedal.

 I only had a sandwich , packed one and started the ride. Shabu and team just left. I’m not feeling so energetic like I feel everyday. Just after 7-8 kms I ate the sandwich I brought and took Avomine, as I thought the height is beginning to have its take on me. 
While taking rest, two random cars stopped by and both of them said they are watching me from few days and expressed their surprise that I made it so far. Avomine and these comments helped a little and I started pedalling again. I didn’t dare to climb Dhankar owing to the the height and skipped it. 
There were not many villages in between and no food options either. So I had to move ahead bearing the heat. I came across Shabu and team in between who were on their way back from Dhankar. 

In Schiling I had couple of cups tea. It filled some energy in me. Enjoying the company of Spiti river, I slowly headed towards Kaza. The landscape is amusing .The sand structures are another wonder in this beautiful Spiti. They were present till Kaza. The views of snow hills just before entering the town is beautiful. Being head quarters of Spiti, I thought Kaza will be bigger, like Recong peo, but is also a small town. but Kaza is really the gateway to beauties of spiti.

I went inside the town, took a room as soon as possible and collapsed on bed for an hour. I could barely move my body. I some how gathered energy and refreshed and went out to have some food. I had snacks in a punjabi sweet stall. 
I have asked mobile of a person and called Mahesh. He told they are waiting for me and asked me to come near petrol bunk. I was so thankful to Mahesh, Sarath and his wife for providing me this memorable ride. It was such a bliss to be go to Hikkim and Komic.

My Father works in postal department, which lured me to definitely visit Hikkim. The ride is so nice and smooth in Scorpio. I enjoyed that luxury thoroughly after cycling for ten days ! 

We saw herds of sheep en route Hikkim. In Hikkim we posted letters to ourselves and friends. We went to Komic later. My language and words are not enough to describe that beautiful landscape.
A series of snow capped mountains lined up in perfect order ahead. A grass land of lush green behind ! I was so overjoyed looking at the beauty nature has provided.

We started back early as it is getting dark. We spotted a Spitian fox on the way, which is too shy and ran away very quickly. 

After coming down,I had food. Brought fruits, dry fruits and carrots for next day. After coming to room I went to sleep instantly with the lush greenlands of komic rolling in front of my eyes.

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