Day-2 :23 Aug 2015 : Weekend Cycling trip to Chidambaram

Started at Natarajar Koil Chidambaram at 7.30 am
Reached Thiruvanmiyur , Chennai at 9.20 Pm

Distance : 210 Kms

Route : Chidambaram- Cuddalore- Pondicherry- Marakkannam-Poonjeri -Thiruporur-Thiruvanmiyur

After having a tiring day before, woke up lazily, body still being tired. A look in the mirror indicated that the sleep is not sufficient, yet to reach home on time, I started quickly. Checked out room, had breakfast and started pedalling.

The ride was very slow initially, due to the fatigue and I felt very sleepy, and I had to take many breaks. The food I’m taking in breaks is being digested instantly ! I enjoyed the greenery along the route , which was missed yesterday.

View from Bridge at B.Mudlur

After much suffering  and bearing the heat, I reached Pondicherry, had some snacks and started to ride again.In Marakannam, had a power nap at a road side coconut stall after drinking two coconuts.
After few kilometres I found a nice hotel and had a sumptuous lunch, a treat to my self for bearing such heat.

Taking rest at Pondy


Salt Hatcheries, Marakkannam

Things started to get easier from here due to overcast sky conditions.The beautiful curves of ECR, turned much beautiful , with the green trees in soaked with water.

It’s pouring somewhere

The beautiful ECR

I was blessed with beautiful sunset few kilometres ahead of Poonjeri. I felt happy that sun gifted me such a wonderful gift after spending lot of time under him. Until my room mate reminded, I didn’t realize that I captured a sunset on EAST coast road.

The reward for more than 18 hours of pedalling under him !

Post sunset

Since it is getting dark, I avoided ECR at Poonjeri and joined OMR to enjoy the night ride under city light. I have put on reflective vest, turned on front, rear lights and started riding. Surprisingly a person rode behind me showed me light for few kilometres, I intentionally slowed down at some places and he too slowed down ! I enjoyed this game for a while, got some negative ideas about that person too , but I kept my pace on and went ahead.He disappeared all of a sudden at Thiruporur.

City lights showed up from here,and I cruised through traffic. I sprinted at my maximum speed at many places. Even today ,I finished 200kms within 13,5 hours boosting my confidence for the upcoming 600km brevet.

After reaching my place went to my favourite ice cream parlour to celebrate my ride and signed off the day.

Luckily I didn’t feel much strained the next day and went to office like any other day

The city lights for much needed speed.

The celebrations

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