Day-7:July 03- Recong peo- Pooh : My Cycling Trip to Himalayas

Day-7: Recong peo- Pooh
Disctance : 69 Km.

The good food previous night helped me in having a good sleep. Packed all the stuff and started. When I stopped for breakfast in a Punjabi hotel, the cook cum onwer asked me to take her son along with me as he is not studying well . I couldn’t understand how to take that !

The day begins…
I started slowly.Six days of training in the hills trained for the big rides ahead, I was comfortable on saddle and begin to enjoy the ride more. I need not push myself from here, the ride just went like a flow. In the map I carried, Recong Peo is not even half way but half of my trip days were finished !That factor also motivated me.
 The stone blasting and rocks falling sign boards scared me initially. After crossing Powari, the signs slowly disappeared and beautiful road showed up. After entering Akpa, except being hot, I thoroughly enjoyed riding on that . It is a different scene all together. Getting closer to the mountains with some apple orchards in between, it is a wonderful location. 

Clicking this pic is one of the reason I went to this trip

Akpa bridge

I had lunch at Spillo . I forgot to mention about food all along. I had aloo parantha as breakfast almost everyday and even as lunch till Sangla. I had momo, chowmein for lunch everyday from Sangla. In dinner I used to try something different or Parantha again 😦 . In spillo a full plate of Chowmein costed 80 rs ! The price climbed up with altitude !!
The desert conditions were also started, giving me a teaser of how it is going to be ahead. In spillo the heat is nearly unbearable . I relaxed for lot of time after lunch and stared slowly.

After travelling a few kilometres when I’m 13 km’s away from Pooh, I met an electrical line man,taking rest in shadow of a stone. He was bewildered and scared to see a person going to Pooh and ahead on a bicycle . He too like people yesterday scolded me and asked me to take a bus for travelling ahead. I told I will see and moved ahead.

From this point the landscape slowly changed and I felt I was in Colorado or Texas for most of the time. The blue sky,the river and the colour of rocks made me feel more and more that I’m in grand canyon. I’m in no way comparing the places, I was just under the influence of Clint Eastwood, Serigo Leone and Ennio Morricone.  

I have read that except for last few kilometres rest of route is flat. But nope, the road climbed gradually till Pooh. Enroute I saw many BRO workers. It is both proud and pity to see them doing the most strenuous jobs. At times they were the inspiration for me to go ahead.

I have reached the place to start final climb for Pooh . It was the first confusing moment for me in trip with regards to route . One sign board says that Pooh is only a kilometre ahead which is a downhill. Other sign board says to take left for a 5 km climb uphill. I took left 😦 and started the climb. I was happy with my speed and technique. If it was not the last stretch of the day, it would have been a pleasant ride.

The climb started with a army check post. The dry fruits I brought yesterday helped me as instant boosters and made me go ahead. The beauty of each place is completely different from other. In this climb I had snow capped peaks on right side and I’m moving more and more away from the river. As I climbing I could see some plantations not sure apple or tea. The ride becomes more tough, when one know the destination is getting closer ! When I was completely exhausted, Pooh arrived. I didn’t care to check for the PWD guest house which is located 1.5 km uphill. I have checked in the first hotel hotel I saw and got a very decent room just for Rs. 400. The view from my room is mesmerizing.

Climb to pooh
After relaxing and washing few clothes, I went on walk to the village. I felt that 2-3 days are completely necessary for enjoying the flavour of that place. People are having fun playing cricket in a very narrow street, the game being disturbed by occasionally passing vehicles. 
I couldn’t view the sunset as one side is completely covered by hills. I was blessed with some orange reflection though . Also it started getting colder. It was dark by the time I came back. I had momo chowmein again for dinner and went back to room. 
I enjoyed the views from the balcony of hotel for some time As I said, the view from my room is amazing. The rising moon added much beauty to the snow peaks. Marked this place as one of the long stay places in my next trip and went to sleep happily.

Rotating them is other reason  I went on this trip

Reflection of sunlight on eastern peaks

Next days ride

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