Day 6 : Sangla- Chitkul- Sangla- Recong Peo : My Cycling trip to Himalayas

Day-6 :02 July:  Sangla-Chitkul-Sangla-Powari- Recong peo
Total Distance : 86Km
Distance covered by bicyle : 71 Km
Sangla- Chitkul -Sangla: 22 km + 22 km gradual ascent to Chitkul.
Sangla- Karacham : 18 Km Descent.
Karacham- Powari : 11km ,mostly undualting.
Powari- recong Peo : 13Km with 6km uphill (Took ride)

I’m very excited today as I will be riding without luggage for first time in whole trip.I started heading for Chitkul .The climb was very tough initially, even without luggage.Yesterday, I met a person in vehicle that dropped me till Karacham . I saw him again walking there . We started a conversation. He was a school teacher in Rakcham. He will walk 12 km’s everyday in morning to reach School from Sangla ,to enjoy the nature and also as an exercise. Our speeds were nearly same. Even through I pedalled little fatser and went ahead, he used to reach there when I stopped there after being exhausted. We spoke about his daily routine, climate . I liked this man particularly. I felt how blessed he is to walk peacefully in the beautiful Meadows everyday.

Even this llittle one chased me

More awesomeness

Baspa valley -Beautiful river, villages and orchards

I had breakfast in Rakcham. It was little easy from here. I moved ahead enjoying amazing views nature is providing. Each turn offered some unique view. The wooden houses built in Rackham, for living in winter are nearly empty. They were very beautiful. One can even see the stables built for cattle separatley.
The view of fields fo potato, green peas with Baspa flowing beside them will just mesmerize anyone .Especially the the stone boundaries they have set for the fields are very artistic

Rosai Making

Bunch of happy souls 🙂

Yummy breakfast in a wonderful location

Women at work

Closest ,I ve got to Baspa

I reached Chitkul around lunch time. My legs hesitated to roam around and it also started drizzling a little there. So I headed back to Sangla. Before I have started, I saw the bullet group once again and spoke with an Australian in the group.

At ITBP Check post on the way to Chitkul

Beautiful fields of potato, rajma divided artistically

A couple in regional attire

At the Nations end

A grand welcome

An amazing sight at Nations End

In Sangla, I vacated the hotel hotel and headed for Recong peo as I’ve heard that roads are flat till powari. That 107 km ride on second day has planted some overconfidence in me. I thought I would reach Peo before it gets dark. Another mistake I have done.

I got down from Sangla and this is also one more steepy downhill ride causing adrenaline rush. I bid farewell to beautiful vally ,Baspa and went ahead. 

Downhill to Karacham

Due to the project works, the road is in very worst condition . It was terrible to ride in between heavy machinery . The board ” shooting stones ” will definitely cause a fear . I slowly went ahead till powari . Light is slowly fading away and its 13 more to go with 6 km uphill. Now the mind gave up to go ahead further . 

A group of people working in Hydro electric project gave me lift. They called me angrez for heading out with a bicycle and warned me against riding further ,telling about the rolling stones,blasts ,landslides. At that point all I needed is a place to settle for the day and this talk didn’t go into my mind much. 
After they dopped me at Recong peo bus stand and went home. I got a accomodation and came out for dinner.

I went on to the terrace of hotel and saw the beautiful peaks in moon light. I saw Auriga and capella once again after 3 days. I didn’t want to move inside the building from the starry sky there, but I had to as temperature is getting down. 

After the food, I brought some dry fruits ,fruits and chocolates. Then went back to my accommodation. Went onto terrace to see the peaks in moon light once again and came down to sleep.

I decided against going to Kalpa worrying about the fixed time and planned for heading to Pooh. I have also determined unless I’m stranded not to take vehicle again . Being, clear about next day I went to sleep easily and happily.


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