Day-5 : Bhavanagar- Sangla : My Cycling trip to himalayas

Day-5 : Bhavanagar- Sangla
Distance : 62Km
Distance covered by bicyle : 30Km
(Took lift after Tapri to cross the landslide and few kms in landslide prone area on the way to Sangla)
Bhananagar- Tapri : 20 Km undulating
Tapri-Urni-karacham : There was a landslide between Tapri and karcham so there is an additional 24 Km with 12 km uphill instead of 9km direct distance. I have taken vehicle between this stretch.
Karacham- Sangla : 18 km gradual ascent. (I have taken ride for 8 km in landslide prone area before Jaypee dam )
View behind my room

Little buddy

On the way top Wangtoo

Wangtoo bridge

It was little tough to climb three floors with bicycle. After breakfast I started riding towards Tapri . Due to the hydro electric project, the roads were completely muddy. A lot of slush was struck in my tires by the time I reached Tapri,. I also came to know that there is a landslide ahead and one has to take extra 24 kms with 12 km uphill through Urni, instead of existing 9km route to Karacham. Being eager to reach Sangla for having a closer look at mountains, I have asked a passenger vehicle heading to Recong Peo to drop me in Karacham. He agreed for 350, though he hesitated initially. Cyclists get these kinds of favours from people. Throughout the way, I could see the snow capped peaks luring me.

Mudbath on the way to Tapri

Karacham Dam

Karacham Bridge

Baspa River

And more luring snow capped peaaks

I met a boy in Vehicle, who is on his way to attend a marriage in one of the villages on other side of Baspa. I asked his Kinnauri topi once and tried it.

At Karacham, I first encoutered a group of bulleteers. While I’m climbing on a single digit speed, they headed ahead on double digit speeds. Most of them waved at me. This uphill ride was not much strenuous owing to the beautiful views of mountains.

A mahindra yut driver stopped me 10 km ahead of Sangla. He asked me not to ride till the project area as it is completely landslide prone. I hesitated, but he requested again! I agreed and he himself put the bicycle back of Yut. On the way he narrated the tales about other tourists, his village, driving conditions. This time I did make sure to take his number.
The last 4 km climb from dam to Sangla is easy. Here a group of workers stopped me, offered a cup of tea and asked many questions about bicycle, my ride etc. Since I was very happy with the scenery around I answered them patiently and went ahead.
The people in bus have to walk on that bridge and have to go other side of valley for attending  marriage !

Entering Sangla
I easily got a room in Sangla. After getting refreshed, I tried Thupka for first time. I then walked around. I saw a building under construction and asked its owner if can come upstairs for looking at scenery. He welcomed me cheerfully. From this building Kinnaur Kailash peak is visible clearly. He told lot of tales about the place. The pandavas story, how other small villages were separated from Sangla, the kind of crops grown there and apple business etc.

After he left, I sat there peacefully staring at the mountains far away in Chitkul. I imagined how Chitkul might be. All the while Kinnaur Kailash disappointed me by hiding in the clouds. Even the in the east, sun was hidden under clouds ruining my chance to view sunset. I was only happy for being surrounded by snow capped peaks on all sides. I was lost for a while admiring the beauty around me. As it started getting colder I had to start moving back to room. I have decided to give a visit in September or October next year.

Though Sun disappointed me, moon did not. I got to witness beautiful view of moon. After being refreshed with that, I had dinner and headed back . I had to watch my each step as there is a dog every corner! Pheww!!


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