Day-4 : Rampur- Bhawanagar -My Cycling Trip in Himalayas

Day-4 : Rampur- Bhavanagar

Distance : 48 Km
Mostly undulating and descent

After a fateful day with lots of experiences, I woke up in despair not knowing what is in store for me. Since my intention is not giving up, I watched few videos in YouTube about tubeless tires and started pulling out tire out of rear wheel (by the way, my bicycle slept beside me). To my surprise the tire came out easily and also I found a tube inside it!!! I was overjoyed by this fact. I wondered what kind of role tension played on mind yesterday. Since I was not under any stress now, I could do things easily. I was shocked to see three punctures in the tube. I fixed them and used the same tube instead of new spare tube to check my fixing capabilities. I got ready soon and with lot of enthusiasm and happiness that my trip is not cancelled, I was back on Rampur roads riding the beast.

The roads were very neat. Tarmac made my ride easy. Relatively it’s a simple ride till Jeori. It is a different feeling to see so much of light, vehicles and people compared to the forests. It is surprising to observe that the road is continuously heading rightwards as seen in Map, leading me deep and deep into the valleys. Following Sutlej and riding is a fun. I couldn’t get rid of the sound of flow till the end of my trip. It is still resonating in my ears!
I slowly entered the celestial land – Kinnaur. The roads are nearly flat and gave me the freedom to ride bit faster. Some of the women working on roadside offered me some aadu fruit. Every day Himachal people are surprising me with their Hospitality.

My plan is to reach Tapri, but it became pretty dark by the time I reached Bhawanagar . I found that there is no accommodation available there. Few people suggested to try in the electricity board guest house located downhill. It worked and I got whole dormitory room for myself. I had to carry my bicycle three floors down for reaching there. The building is nearly adjacent to river. If someone has friends in Himachal electricity board, don’t miss out to spend a day there. I wondered how such a building was built on a slope and adjacent to river, with back drop of a huge rocky hill. It started drizzling a little ruining my chance to watch night sky. After dinner, I started to read about dog psychology till late night.

This bridge vibrated for 2 minutes ,after a lorry passed over it !!
As each day is going on with all the different experiences facing, a different kind of stubbornness is being developed in me for moving ahead. I have decided not to lose hope and ended one more beautiful day in great note, listening to the flow of Sutlej.

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