Day – 1 : Shimla to Kufri – My Cyling trip to himalayas

Please read below post for day-0

Shimla- Kufri
Distance : 19Km – Steep Ascent.

Few minutes after getting down from bus,I began to feel the heat. I couldn’t find a shade in ISBT and began to fix my cycle at the side of road. I packed my bag very tightly. I hardly found anything that is necessary. I got pissed off with my own packing. I have somehow assembled bike and moved ahead. After 2-3 Kms ,I found a secluded place. There nice tree shade is present. I changed my clothes, packed my things properly. Got my sling bags out and made them as panniers. Luckily, food came walking to me ! A guy was selling kulchas. I had them for breakfast, packed few for lunch. There was a rotary club, where I have stopped and got water from there. After relaxing for a while I finally started my cycling trip. A motor cycle repair shop filled air for free in my tires. (With hand pump, it is hard to fill enough air). I just realized that my cyclometer is not showing the speed or distance. It was disappointing to find that the transmitter was dethatched during the transport.  It was good in a way, as it would have made me worried about the distance throughout.

I forgot that it is uphill ride from Shimla-Kufri. I was expecting a happy welcome from the hills, but the uphill never ended. I could hardly pedal. I had to get down from bike very frequently. Even riding 100 meters continuously, on easiest gear became a challenge.Heat and sleeplessness made feel more tired. I couldn’t enjoy the beauty of nature, apart from the fresh air I’m breathing.

I always planned more than I could do. That was a mistake which cost me dearly throughout the tour. My plan on day one was to reach Narkanda , 46 km away from Shimla. After 10 km, I was drained out .I lost patience. I cursed myself for planning a whole tour in hills without having proper stamina. Though, I have done 50kms every day before, there was hardly any uphill ride during that. I thought all the ways I can give up the tour and go back. A small plain stretch at Sanjauli and rest under a tree shade boosted me and proceeded ahead.

At 5 pm, I reached Kufri. Some children coming out of school were asking me to ride faster. I couldn’t control my anger inside, as that appeared as mockery to my already exhausted mind. I controlled my self smiled at them and climbed the hill to Kufri.
I got a home stay at Kufri, relaxed for a while. I brought a set of woolen gloves and other set of full rider gloves for warmth in rides ahead. I roamed around for a while. I was surprised to see that sun is not getting down even at 7pm. I also learnt that, there is a small national park in Kufri  (Didn’t visit it though). Slowly, it started getting colder. I enjoyed watching the orange sky. I could easily recognize Auriga and Capella shining brightly. They followed me throughout the tour.It became completely dark at 8pm. After few night photographs and dinner I decided to call it a day.I consoled myself for not covering enough distance. Aimed for a good finish next day and headed to sleep ,looking at the starry sky from my window.

First taste of Aadu friut ,(pronounced as aaru )

Resting under a shade

 View from Kufri-Sun slowly started to get down

Twilight time

 Auriga and Capella  

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