A coolest way of welcoming -1

I went to my home last weekend after 2 months..
in the previous visit i went and came back to Hyderabad with reservations for traveling and felt no trouble…
but  this time  everything was sudden…my mom want to see me..my brother is coming back from college for summer vacation after 5 months…it was the season of mangoes and haven’t eaten even 1(in Hyderabad i didn’t find the varieties of juicy mangoes that i find in my home town KAKINADA) …and i desperately wanted to taste the new pickles made my mom… 

so after coming from office late night @ 1am … i  decided to give a surprise to my mom .. so i started from my room in gachibowli @5 am..and i got an auto to station for rs.60..which is a kind of miracle…
reached station @ 5.40 am and had breakfast in a nearby restaurant…at 6:10 i got ticket… im in a tought that there would be only few passengers as it was hot sunny day..to my surprise ..every reserved & unreserved boghi was fully occupied….i ve decided to stand and got into train…

after an hour the train finally moved…and an hour after that my legs started aching….the pain is getting incerased minute by minute.. i cursed my self for making such a stupid plan for a surprise visit..with no option left ..started to bear the pain .at the same time enjoying the conversations of people….

i always find unreserved boghis very attractive ..with the different kind of people with different different characters ..and their conversations..ranging from local to international politics…from agriculture to latest tech gadgets…and especially i enjoy  different accents…

around 11 am i managed to get a seat..and at the same time i entered the sweating zone…sweat is coming out of body after many months..in hyderabad there will be no sweat at all……..temperature may be around 40degree centigrade..and the sun is very generously giving all the heat it has to earth…wiping sweat is the only thing i ve done for next 7 hours..even the chilled water bottle turned hot in minutes…with all the frustration of 11 hrs travel i landed at samalkot…place 16 kms away from my home…cursing myself again for the stupid plan…

all of a sudden ….the turned sky black from blue…the sun disappeared…cool air welcomed me…my whole body refreshed….no sign of sweat…a big smile appeared on my face…and it rained….no words to express my happiness… i was fully drenched…enjoyed every drop of rain….then got an auto to my home…

 in auto saw something strange..a boy of nearly13-15 yrs …took his shirt off..and gave it to his mother for covering head from getting wet…i was fully amazed…i will never do that..i saluted that boy in my heart..and continued to enjoy the rain…. i again got wet ..enjoyed the rain once more…

 i was truly elated by the surprise i got from the nature ….& it was the first time i experienced this kind of happy situation in my life… nature of my home town welcomed me …the tought that she recognized my arrival..made me very happy and feel like santiago in the novel the ALCHEMIST… i didnt even remember the pain & frustration i felt the whole day….it just vanished in a second …

with the very happiness i entered my home.. found the happiness in my mom’s face to watch both of her sons together after 5 months…and  concluded that my sudden journey got its worth…..

with cool air ..rain..boy in auto…then my mom….that day was a beautiful memory…thanks to the nature…i thanked my self for making such a good plan to come home..or else i would have missed this happiness i got :)..and i felt that was the coooooooooooooooolest welcome i ever got anywhere…any time…….

(pic was NOT taken by me)


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